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Film / Girl with a tainted past...

All right, what do you guys really think of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo?" I was adamant not to read it since everyone else in NYC seemed to do so, but was given it as a gift and caved in. I am not much of a crime/thriller reader, but I couldn't put this one down. Was it the story? It certainly wasn't the way it was written - by Stieg Larsson - in a kind of a bestsellerish way with a thoroughly hollow language. Having finished it I felt rather disappointed and bloated, almost like one does after having had a full meal of junk. I am on the fence. Is this book really that good? Does it deserve all the accolades? Or is it just that Larsson gained notoriety by dying just as he submitted the script? Did anyone see the film? I'm dying to find out what other ppl think. As for me, I will not read the next book in the trilogy...


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