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The Swedish way / Two talented Swedish ladies

Two talented Swedish Ladies

The Chicago Tribune is always on my breakfast table. Sometimes I read everything, and sometimes I pick and choose what to read depending on my mood. This past week I was reading two articles more carefully than any of the other articles. Why? They were about two very talented Swedish ladies and as a Swede, I was immediately drawn in to every word. The first article was about Noomi Rapace, the actress who plays Lisbeth Salander in the Millenium Trilogy (written by the late Stieg Larsson). John Kass, a columnist, wrote about his fascination with the films and he wondered why Hollywood is remaking a movie that is outstanding already. In particular because of Noomi Rapace. Of course it has to do with money and we all know that. It has nothing to do with the performance of the actors in the Swedish movie and in particular the performance of Noomi Rapace. It has been said many times by now, but her portrait of Lisbeth Salander is nothing short of extraordinary. Noomi is raw, intense and emotionally damaged in her role as Salander. No Hollywood star can be as imperfectly perfect playing Salander, as Noomi Rapace was. I have to agree with Kass, the only Salander there can be is the one played by Rapace. Noomi is far from your typical Hollywood actress but I have a feeling we will see a lot more of her on this side of the Atlantic from now on. Noomi Rapace is very much welcome over here!
The next article in the Chicago Tribune this week that had my attention featured another very talented Swedish woman, singer songwriter Robyn. She has once again surprised her fans with not one but three albums in 2010. All three are part of a series called “Body Talk”. Robyn became successful in the 90s and, though very young then (she is 31 today), has been able to continue producing pop songs that become hits on the dance floor. Robyn’s talent for producing music with an attitude that gets your attention has many critics comparing her with Madonna. Not knowing what Robyn herself thinks about that comparison, she is an artist on her own. Her show at Metro in Chicago was sold out and Greg Kot who interviewed Robyn for the Chicago Tribune said that, “No one is making better or more provocative indie-pop right now than Robyn.” That is a mighty fine compliment for the young talented Robyn. I bet she is rocking her pop audience here in the U.S., so she has to come over here again. We will welcome Robyn back!

Kristina Hall


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