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XOXO SWEDEN - Sweden in America. A free online service that makes sense if you share our love of Sweden - browse news, post opinions or learn more from others. Eller, om du är SVENSK - här hittar du bostad, hyr ut eller finner vänner och aktiviteter i ditt område. Det kostar inget, tvärtom; 'it pays'                                                                                                 Sign Up Now»

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Swedish Impressions

News Gallery

  • As the crow flies ...
    Sweden's latest crime writing duo, Erik Axl Sund, pen name of authors Jerker Eriksson and Håkan Sundquist were in the U.S. to promote their novel, The...

  • Danish hot dogs in NYC
    Danish celebrity chef and entrepreneur Claus Meyer’s Nordic restaurant Agern and next-door less pricey Danish hot dog stand at Grand Central is open.

  • Sweden at the Apollo!
    'En kväll i New York' - a performance by a slew of Sweden’s hottest artists at the Apollo Theater in NYC was the big event for Big Apple Swedes in May...

  • They built their own Viking ship
    A class at Marina High School in Huntington Beach, Cal. has built a Viking ship since their school mascot is a Viking.

  • Harald Hårfagre in North America
    After a challenging journey across the Atlantic the largest Viking ship of modern times has reached North America.

  • Zlatan likes the hype
    After scoring 50 goals for his club in France this season, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, 34, is a free agent. As he considers his future, the world waits.

  • Pinocchiotårta, strawberry cake
    Favorite dessert this Midsummer? A variation on the pinoccio tårta, strawberry sponge cake with meringue and lots of whipped cream.

  • Swedish midsummer in the U.S.
    A Swedish midsummer is "endless" summer with sun, fun, great food, flowers, dancing and joy ... a piece of Swedish culture to be proud of.

  • No more tours for Roxette
    The popular Swedish duo, Marie Fredriksson and Per Gessle have cancelled all future tours.

  • Celebration at Skansen
    Skansen is celebrating its 125th anniversary throughout 2016. As if to celebrate a new family of four appeared for the first time in public.

  • Dalarna: the Very Essence of Sweden
    The traditional church boats of Siljan Lake in Dalarna

  • The orient express on water
    Traveling in style from Göteborg to Stockholm and vice versa; Sweden's Göta Kanal offers a unique experience of the country.

  • Aerial Stockholm
    Sweden's capital is one of few major cities where hot air ballooning over the town is till allowed. (Not while President Obama visits but most of the ...

  • Sometimes touring the country
    ..will offer surprise encounters along the way, such as this one, just north of Umeå, European Cultural Capital in 2014.

  • Traveling in the Summer
    ..through Sweden can offer the most amazing sceneries, the colors and experiences out of this world.

News & Features

Four Oscar nominations for Sweden!

With four nominations, Sweden is a strong contender for winning at the Academy Awards Ceremony on February 26. Read more » Read more»