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Swedish Politico / Dude, where's MY America?

Recently, Senator DeMint of South Carolina argued that the Tea Party Movement was sustained by spiritual motivation akin to the Great Awakening that ushered in the American War of Independence. I recognize that there is certainly fervor and perhaps even some thought processes behind the uncivilized, unsophisticated, misplaced creativity of the Tea Party militants, however, I fail to see how this polarizing, albeit media friendly, bandwagon can coherently be compared to an Enlightenment-inspired spiritual awakening that sought to spread “salvation” to all members of the Colonial community, regardless of class, race, or gender. Let me be perfectly clear: this contemporary phenomenon is little more than a grass-roots mob movement of increased political (or religious) zeal, not one of moral superiority. Taking a page from that left-leaning publication, the Bible, and paraphrasing the apostle Matthew 6:5, “do not be like the hypocrites, for they love to pray standing on the street corners to be seen…that will be their only reward”.

For all that the Tea Partiers profess to uphold: fiscal conservatism, free market economics, and constitutionally limited government, there seems to be very little mention of anything remotely religious or spiritual for that matter. What there does seem to be a lot of is frustration, hate, and calls for civic disobedience. I did not like the personal attacks against Bush and I don't appreciate the disrespect that is being shown President Obama with comparisons to Fascist mass murderers. For a country whose election participation is so low, is it really any wonder that such high numbers of Americans are skeptical of the Federal Government? So, while I understand that the Senator was merely invoking a narrative of “campaign against the current power”, I believe that in doing so he is giving credence and legitimacy to what is a rather brash movement of disgruntled individuals that probably share more in terms of distaste for diversity than a passion for Milton Friedman’s contributions to applied macroeconomics.

Hate-mongering, outbursts, and even borderline calls to treasonous acts by Tea Part “patriots” fall well within the laws of the land. Democracy is without a doubt pagan, if Classical in origin, yet few contemporary American politicians would argue that such a system or its values are in any way anachronistic or opposed to the core-identity of the United States. In fact, more often than not, many a “talking head” would be as quick to quote the Bible or religious figures, as he would be to draw upon the Constitution and the Framers-often in the same “stump speech”.

Drawing back to the Senator's historical and religious allusion. I wonder what some of these “mad-as-Hell” Conservatives would think today of the lowly (thank G-d un-unionized), Jewish carpenter’s son, Jesus and his teachings of humility, reverence for the weak, and alms for the poor. To give the Tea Party Nation the benefit of the doubt, I too am concerned about the economic well being of America, not to mention her place in the world. Though I oppose many of the tactics of the Tea Party nation, I do applaud their community organizers as I did the many volunteers of Obama’s 2008 Presidential election. I suppose what frightens me most about the recent escalation in rhetoric and uncivil discourse is the militant and extreme right undertones of the Tea Party movement in some areas. I simply do not recognize that as the America I have learned to know as an ever-humbled European immigrant. Many protesters talk about “taking back America”, but which U.S.A. are they seeking to take us back to?

The America that I immigrated to is a noble and just society of "e pluribus unum"-out of many one. I believe that compromise is what keeps our country together and makes us strong. I am very proud of the burning passion that is felt in this country concerning politics but hope that politicians, citizens, and the media will focus more on what values unite us as Americans rather than what divides our peoples. I believe that the same spark of hope that gave birth to this great nation of manys still burns within the hearts of all Americans. That spirit of hope saw this country through a difficult independence, a devastating civil war, gradual desegregation, and even terrorism. I am certain that this country is on the right track and I invite any Tea Party Patriot to look upon America's vibrant and bustling immigrant communities as evidence that this country has not lost its liberty.


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