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Book talk with Maria Bouroncle

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Category: Entertainment
Start date: 19 Mar 2023 11:00 AM
End date: 19 Mar 2023 12:00 PM
Street / Location: 5211 N. Clark St.
City / town: Chicago
Country: Illinois, USA
Organizer: Swedish American Museum
Name: Karin Moen Abercombie
Email: info@mariabouroncle.com
Phone: 773.728.8111 x229
Homepage: www.swedishamericanmuseum.org/event/book-talk-with-maria-bouroncle/

Maria Bouroncle will talk about her book “It came to me on a whim.”
About the book:
It is a cold Easter in the spring of 1929. Artur leaves his wife and three children alone for a few hours to go fetch firewood in the forest. When he returns, his world has collapsed. The story about Ingeborg Andersson and what happened that day in 1929 was a well-kept secret for seventy years.
The tragic family drama is now being retold by Ingeborg Andersson’s grand-niece, Maria Bouroncle. A compelling and horrifying tale that will grip true-crime fans as Bouroncle’s extensive research and tireless investigation slowly sheds light on her family’s tightly-guarded family secret.
About Maria:
Maria was born in 1965 in the Swedish city of Gothenburg. She has lived in Washington, DC since 2002. An economist by profession, Maria – who spent over 25 years in the field of international development – published her first book in 2018, and subsequently decided to pursue her passion for writing professionally.