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Fischersund: Faux Flora

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Category: Exhibit
Start date: 08 Nov 2024 10:00 AM
End date: 26 Jan 2025 05:00 PM
Street / Location: 2655 NW Market Street
City / town: Seattle
Country: Washington, USA
Organizer: National Nordic Museum
Name: National Nordic Museum
Email: marketing@nordicmuseum.org
Phone: 2067895707
Homepage: https://nordicmuseum.org/exhibitions/faux-flora

Faux Flora is an immersive multimedia exhibition integrating scent, sound, sculpture, 3D-graphics, and photography to capture the five life cycles of a plant:

Germination, growth, flowering, seed formation, and seed dispersal

Faux Flora is a sensorial display of human existence shown through the lens of plants. The plant life cycle is thus superimposed on the life cycle of a human, and it takes form in imagined flora that springs from everyday human life experiences:

Birth, childhood, adolescence, maturity, and old age

In today's digital age, technology permeates every aspect of our existence and the distinction between natural and artificial is increasingly blurred. Faux Flora explores this idea further by creating our own world of conceptualized botany.