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Category: Celebration
Start date: 02 Mar 2019 04:00 PM
End date: 02 Mar 2019 06:00 PM
Street / Location: 8800 SW Oleson Rd
City / town: Portland
Country: Oregon, USA
Organizer: Nordic Northwest
Name: Laila Simon
Email: lailas@nordicnorthwest.org
Phone: 503.977.0275
Homepage: https://www.nordicnorthwest.org/fastelavn

Celebrate the Carnival season in the Nordic fashion with this family-friendly afternoon event. ​ All tickets are $5, and provide access to unlimited crafts and games, plus a bar for adults. Bring your whole family out for this annual event and join us for the costume contest, photo booths, snacks and cream-filled fastelavnsboller buns. Make fastelavnris, tree branches decorated with string and pom poms and slå katten af tønden, hit the cat out of the barrel. The barrel-bashing tradition invites children to hit a candy-filled barrel with a scepter, much like a piñata, to "scare" away the imaginary cat hidden inside, cats being an ancient Danish symbol of wintertime and the yearly Nordic chill. Once the decorated barrel is cracked open, springtime is that much closer to commencing and whoever breaks the barrel first will be crowned the King (kattekonge) or Queen (kattedronning) of Cats!