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The attic stores immigration stories

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Category: Exhibit
Start date: 03 May 2019 10:00 AM
End date: 23 Dec 2019 12:00 PM
Street / Location: 20880 Olinda Trail
City / town: Scandia
Country: Minnesota, USA
Organizer: Gammelgarden Museum
Name: Sarah Porubcansky
Email: media@gammelgardenmuseum.org
Phone: 651.383.7351
Homepage: www.gammelgardenmuseum.org

Gammelgården's attic: where items are stored or stashed because they are important, valuable or sentimental and MIGHT be useful later. We all have them and use them - or sheds, barns or rental storage spaces.

The Gammelgården attic hosts a wide variety of items that are relevant to telling the story of Swedish immigration and settlement. Often these valuable items are too fragile, too small, or too difficult to display in our historic buildings, so they stay in "the attic.”

This year many will be on display in the Passage Room of the Välkommen Hus where they can be enjoyed, help tell the story of immigration and settlement, and the donor families are recognized for their gifts.