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Best Swedish environmental municipality

Sweden's southern metropolis receives the honor


Mostly in the news because of its problems, the city of Malmö stole headlines in the news this week by becoming Sweden’s best environmental municipality. The magazine Miljöaktuellt picked Sweden’s third city after having compared all of the country’s municipalities.

“We in the municipalities operate much of our environmental work, but we need a national policy that places greater demands. We’d proceed even faster then,” says Katrin Stjernfeldt Jammeh, chairwoman on the Malmö municipality board in a written statement. The magazine Miljöaktuellt examines, for instance, how the municipalities require demands on an increase of greenhouse gas emissions equivalent of the national climate goal, and how they have also cut back on meat in their canteens. Facts coming from Sweden’s municipalities and county authorities, Vattenmyndigheterna (the Water Authorities) and Håll Sverige Rent (Keep Sweden Tidy) are also examined. Eskilstuna came in on a second place and Örebro on third in the survey. Last year, Malmö shared the first spot with Upplands-Väsby.

Best environment but the best place to live? Not surprisingly: Stockholm with surroundings


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