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Cailin brings Hip Hop Yoga to Varberg

'Inside we are all Golden Buddhas, but we grew to believe we were made of clay. Our ego's false perceptions led us to grow into a belief system that covered our inner light.' Why not reconnect with your Golden Buddha within through Hip Hop Yoga on the west coast of Sweden, with Jersey gal Cailin Callahan?


A friend in New Jersey eagerly sent a message about a yoga session in Varberg on June 11, exclaiming: “Cailin is my girl!” Because she has raved quite a bit about Cailin’s abilities as a yogini, we pass on the advice. And, we spoke to Cailin Callahan about who she is, what kinds of yoga she teaches and why she is taking her yoga expertise to Sweden.
“I grew up in a little town in southern New Jersey,” Cailin says. “I’m a simple girl, I grew up surfing, but for the past eight years, since I got into yoga, I’ve been traveling non-stop and living a most exciting life.”
Inspired by the story of the Tibetan monks, Cailin founded Golden Buddha Yoga, which she describes as a platform for a global community of individuals around the world.
“Amazing, inspiring, loving individuals,” she says. “I’ve been facilitating the ‘coming together’ of people in different corners of the globe for a while now, and thought why not connect all of the little communities into one BIG community? Golden Buddha Yoga is a place for all of us to be surrounded by an energy and community that lifts us up and helps supports us into living into our highest purpose.”
The yoga Cailin teaches is a mixture of Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Yin and qi Kung. But the yoga she’ll be bringing to Varberg on June 11 is Hip Hop Yoga!
“What’s that?”
“It’s the most fun you’ll ever take! For years I was trying to teach people how to surrender to joy and release the ego. Ultimately I discovered that the best way to move into this bliss was by spinning some Hip Hop tunes and weaving a liberating dance party throughout the Vinyasa flow. By the end of the class everyone was drenched in sweat and smiling from ear to ear.”
"And why Sweden?"
“Why not?” says Cailin. “I’ve never been there before, but over the years I have collected some beautiful Swedish friends, so since I’m leading a yoga retreat in Italy mid-June, I figured it could be great to visit some friends, and also surf some cold Nordic waves, and help share some bliss with my yoga.”
“How does a person sign up for your class in Varberg? And is that the only date? How much is it?”
“Yes, it’s the one date only. It is recommended to call ahead and reserve your spot as there is limited space. It’s 150 SEK ($22).”
For more information about Cailin’s Hip Hop Yoga in Varberg call: +46 340-690100
For more information about Golden Buddha Yoga:

The Golden Buddha
In 1957, a group of Tibetan monks was informed that they would have to move their sacred shrine because a highway was being built on that land. A focal point of their inhabitance was a huge clay Buddha, which also had to be moved. This was no small feat. The monks arranged to have a crane move the Buddha, but the moment they started lifting it on the crane, the clay began to crack. To make matters worse, it was raining, and the rain deepened the cracks. To protect the Buddha from further damage after it had been moved, the monks covered it with tarps overnight. During the evening, the head monk went under the tarps with a flashlight to check on the clay Buddha. Upon shining light on the Buddha the monk noticed golden shimmers of light radiating from the cracks. He brought back his chisel and hammer to chip away at the clay and uncover the shimmer from within the Buddha's frame. As the monk chipped away at the clay Buddha, he realized that it was not clay after all– the Buddha was made of gold. Surprised by his discovery, the monks were eager to determine the heritage of the Buddha. They learned that many centuries earlier, their predecessors worshiped the Buddha in its golden form. These ancestral monks got word that the Burmese army was coming to destroy their community and attack them, so they covered the Buddha in clay to protect it. The monks were killed in the attack, but the army placed no value on the clay Buddha and therefore left it unharmed. The reason for this story: "Inside we are all Golden Buddhas, but we grew to believe we were made of clay. Our ego's false perceptions led us to grow into a belief system that covered our inner light. We've spent years, maybe decades, masking our truth. Now it's time to embrace our light and reconnect with our Golden Buddha within. Why not do it through Hip Hop Yoga in Varbeg, on the beautiful west coast of Sweden, with Jersey gal Cailin Callahan?


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