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Anna Kinberg Batra speaks in San Francisco

The leader of Sweden's Moderate Party spoke to a packed audience during an event at the end of May, discussing the topic of 'New challenges for political leadership: Populism and extremism in the U.S. and Europe.' More»

Tax incentives motivate repair work

Swedes are heading up legislation to keep even more items out of their already small landfills. More»

Self-driving Volvos in Pittsburgh

The online-based transportation network Uber will be launching autonomous rides in Pittsburgh later this month. More»

Banknotes expire July 1

June 30 is the last day that the current 20-, 50- and 1000-kronor bills will be a valid form of payment in Sweden. More»

Swedish company comes to America's automotive capital

SACC-Detroit members visited Autoliv, the Swedish manufacturer of automotive safety systems whose American plant is in Auburn Hills, MI. More»

Swedish News:

Just four months left in the great exchange. Paying for the bus with credit. More»

Atlas Copco Tools expansion in the midwest

A new headquarter in the heart of 'Automation Valley' creates new opportunities for growth. More»

Volvo Cars selects South Carolina

Volvo released the location of its first American production facility today. More»

Show Me the Money!

SACC New York Entrepreneurs Club offers an evening on what it takes to start a new business venture. More»

Tuesday Club features Absolut CEO

SACC New York's Tuesday Club welcomed CEO Paul Duffy from the renowned originally Swedish brand. More»

SACC New York Young Professionals – Creatives in the City

A fascinating program on how to survive in New York's competitive creative climate. More»

Ericsson and Apple in legal showdown

Ericsson and Apple are in a middle of a legal battle over licensing fees and patent royalties. More»

The Swedish Private Bank issues 1831-1906

The Swedish central bank, Riksbanken, is considered the world's oldest central bank. More»

SAS tightens its belt

The airline has met some of its goals recently but continues to have fierce competition from budget airlines. More»

IKEA Conshohocken receives SACC-Philadelphia Award

IKEA Conshohocken won the annual award because of its strong commitment to sustainable business practices and emphasis on renewability and recyclability. More»