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Another Brilliant Bergman

Five years after coming up with a brilliant idea that would change the course of film festivals forever, a 'mini' Ingmar Bergman film festival finally took place in San Diego. More»

Welcome to Sweden is back for Season 2

The reviews are mixed - either you love it or you don't. But when you've got ties in both America and Sweden, and when you understand both kinds of humor and traditions, it's really hard not to watch this funny fish-out-water series in two languages. More»

Ingrid Bergman Centennial Festival

The iconic Swedish actress would have been 100 years old this summer, and the Washington, DC area is celebrating her life. More»

Oscar nominated Swedish director in the US

Award-winning director Ruben stlund will be at screenings of his latest movie 'Force Majeure' More»

December 26 In Swedish History

'Docking the Boat' one of the funniest Swedish films More»

Roy Andersson wins Golden Lion in Venice

The win for 'A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence' marks the first time a Swedish film wins the Golden Lion. More»

Swedes Make Waves at Toronto Film Festival

This year at international film festivals, the Swedes are making an impression that echoes far, far away. More»

Sweden's 2014 Oscars entry revealed

'Force Majeure' (Turist) has been chosen to compete for an Academy Award nomination as Best Foreign-Language Feature. More»

Review: Welcome to Sweden

To be funny or not .. therein lies the rub. Ulf Kirchdorfer takes a look at the NBC sitcom 'Welcome to Sweden' More»

'Searching for Sugarman' director dies

Swedish director Malik Bendjelloul took his own life. More»

More Noomi from Hollywood

Back on the screen with tattoos? Rapace to co-star with Will Smith in Julius Onah-directed 'Brilliance' More»

Impressive Swedish films at Tribeca

In little over ten years the annual NY Film Festival has become one of the most prestigious film festivals in the U.S. More»

In New York this week:

Art, cinema, cars, food and opera More»

DiCaprio chose Hallstrom

over more money and a role opposite Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker. More»

Ecological at the movies

No more Sno Caps, Raisenets or Milk duds .. organic snacks are making it into movie theaters in Sweden. More»