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Gravlax, the recipe

A staple for the Swedish 'smorgasbord' a global delicacy and not that hard to make yourself... More»

The quick and easy Glogg Party

Any of the four Sundays of Advent is a perfect excuse for putting together your own party. More»

Swedish summer mixes

Deliciously Swedish summer mixes with seafood or smoked meat: Skagen, Old Man's Mix and Suovas. Perfect for a late snack, a light lunch or an appetizer for steamy afternoons in the summer of 2020. More»

Sugar eggs for Easter

Make your own Easter candy and make yourself popular among both big and small. More»

Waffles for Our Lady

Not to forget our important traditions, today is Waffle Day in Sweden. End of March brings out the urge for waffles in Swedes, a sweet tradition created through, well, a mispronunciation. More»

Swedish Christmas Treats

Pepparkakor - regular ginger snaps. White gingersnaps. Ice chocolate. Knäck. Not without my wiener nougat! Saffron pears. More»

An Ode to the Swedish Crayfish

Nowhere is the crayfish so ardently worshipped as in Sweden. Part of the reason is purely gastronomic. In flavor, the rare Swedish crayfish surpasses its relatives in other countries. More»

A Modern Swedish 'Midsommar'

Midsommar isn't Midsummer without its traditions, but a few tasty additions to the smorgasbord keep the celebration fresh and delicious. More»

Spicing Up Waffle Day

March 25 is Waffle Day vaaffeldagen, the day for eating waffles ... waffles with whipped cream and jam are being served almost anywhere you go. Now for the de luxe versions. More»

'Lussekatter' the recipe and saffron from Gotland..

What would a Swedish Christmas – not to mention Lucia – be without saffron? More»

October 4 is Kanelbullens dag!

Celebrating Kanelbullens dag is easy and quite gratifying ... More»

'Kraftskivan' - An Ode to the Crayfish

Foreign tourists visiting in August say that crayfish parties are the closest a Swede gets to really letting loose. Nowhere is the crayfish so ardently worshipped as in Sweden and August and September offer opportunities to sample the delicacy in the U.S.. More»

RSVP for Al's first crayfish party

Door County, Wisconsin, known in part for its Scandinavian heritage, residents and visitors, is the site of the first annual (we hope there will be many more) Crayfish Sommerfest on August 16. More»

Multi-layered sandwich tart

The popular Swedish smorgastarta is a fantastic addition to any smorgasbord, especially at this time of year. It takes a while to prepare, but since it's served cold, the host has plenty of time to socialize. More»

Fettisdagen - A Shrove Tuesday Tradition

Whether you call it 'Fettisdag,' Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday or Mardis Gras, if you're in Sweden (or anywhere in Scandinavia) you celebrate with a 'semla' or 'fettisdagsbulle.' More»