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A Swedish Midsummer!

'Svensk Midsommar' - the traditions, the table and a selection of the most popular recipes. More»

6:e Juni, Nationaldagen

Sweden's National Day is June 6. Only since the early 20th century has it been considered the Day of the Swedish Flag, becoming a national holiday as late as 2004. More»

Walkabout Tour of Stockholm I

.. walk in the city of my youth: Leif Rosqvist goes for a walk through his old neighborhoods in the heart of Stockholm. More»

Allemansrätten - 'Everyman’s right'

There are certain things that are so Swedish, they could be symbols for the country. Not just traditional ornaments like a midsommarstång or a Lucia krona... More»

Swedish traditions: 'Kraftskivan' - your own crayfish party

Crayfish, crawfish, in Swedish simply kraftor [kr'ef:tor] Checklist, how to create your own. More»

Sugar eggs for Easter

Make your own Easter candy and make yourself popular among both big and small. More»

Mountain Hiking in Sweden

- it’s for everybody not just for survivalists and hardcore connoisseurs. More»

Christmas in Sweden: Holiday like no other

It's a festivity when we do everything in our power to spend time with family and friends. More»

Meandering The 'Gota Kanal'

The Gota Canal, or The Blue Ribbon as it is often called, takes its voyagers past castles, monasteries, palaces, medieval churches, and a number of picturesque towns. More»

An Ode to the Swedish Crayfish

Nowhere is the crayfish so ardently worshipped as in Sweden. Part of the reason is purely gastronomic. In flavor, the rare Swedish crayfish surpasses its relatives in other countries. More»

Fourth Sunday of Advent

Almost as important as Lucia in Sweden and this year with only one day to the traditional day of the Christmas Feast in Sweden - Christmas Eve, Dec. 24. More»

'Lussekatter' the recipe and saffron from Gotland..

What would a Swedish Christmas – not to mention Lucia – be without saffron? More»

Walpurgis Night: Singing by firelight

Choral singing is a favorite pastime in Sweden, and now is when almost every singer in the country makes his voice heard. More»

Fettisdagen - A Shrove Tuesday Tradition

Whether you call it 'Fettisdag,' Shrove Tuesday, Fat Tuesday or Mardis Gras, if you're in Sweden (or anywhere in Scandinavia) you celebrate with a 'semla' or 'fettisdagsbulle.' More»

Make your own 'semla'

Fastlagsbulle, hetvägg or fettisdagsbulle - "Kärt barn har många namn" / A loved child goes under many names ... More»