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White beauties across the North Atlantic

Before Scandinavian pioneer company SAS whisked away passengers into their pressurized jet cabins on polar routes and across the Atlantic, Swedes were traveling in record numbers back and forth across the ocean in the White Ships of the Swedish America Line. More»

Swedish reality show wins Emmy nomination

A dozen lucky Americans may once again benefit from their Great Swedish Adventure of 2015. More»

Immigrant Footprints

We knew that a small group of Swedish immigrants from Kisa had arrived at this place in 1845 and staked out their homesteads on virgin land. More»


Swedish architect in the USA

The book Swedish Architects in the USA, 1846-1930, due out in 2016, offers a sneak peak into the fascinating stories and lives of some of the 150 Swedish architects who immigrated to and worked in America during the Great Swedish Migration. While a lot is known about professionals in education, religion, journalism and farming, very little has been written about Swedish architects in America - until now. After years of research, Goran Rygert compiled this comprehensive collection of architectural histories in "Svenska Arkitekter i USA 1846-1930," which will be published in English by Nordstjernan. Here is an excerpt about one architect to whet your appetite. More»

Midsummer and 105th Swedish Day in Chicagoland

Good Templar Park in Geneva, Illinois has celebrated Midsummer on Father’s Day since the community bought the park 90 years ago in 1925. More»

The Swedes of Cleveland

A Swedish-American immigrant reviews Lilly Setterdahl's True Immigrant Stories – The Swedes of Cleveland Ohio 1873–2013. More»

August Nordin's Swedish American masterpiece

Architectural historian Jonathan Lammers explains the significance of the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco. More»

Remarkable Swedish art at 1915 Fair

Unless you learn about your past, personal or communal, you lose it. But if you can discover it and pass it on, then you can take pride in what your people accomplished. And that can inspire or encourage you to change the world in your time. More»

Swedish Architect in the USA - August Nordin

Excerpt from the book 'Swedish Architects in the America, 1846-1930', due out in 2016. More»

Remembering the journey

Anders Andersson reminisces over his emigration from Sweden 65 years ago. More»

San Francisco Landmarks Swedish American Hall

The Swedish Society of San Francisco and many Scandinavian organizations gathered with officials and neighbors at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco on May 2, 2015 to celebrate the official recognition of the Swedish American Hall, its design by Swede and master architect August Nordin, and its fine Swedish craftsmanship of more than a century ago. More»

Hard work, a little luck and a big coincidence

A friend's move to Sweden prompted a search for family — and a few surprises on an incredible journey. More»

Swedes Celebrate the 1915 World's Fair

San Francisco inaugurates the centennial of the 1915 World's Fair More»

Swedish immigrant families who settled in Rhode Island

'King' Carl, Stalwart Viking and Stellar Educator More»

Swedish Immigrants in Rhode Island

Interviews with members of Swedish immigrant families who settled in Rhode Island. More»