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The Swedish Ladies Society of San Francisco

The oldest Swedish women's society in the west. More»

In Memory of a Swedish Centenarian


John Ericsson's desk

In a private home in Lund there's a desk with a story. A desk that was allegedly owned and used by John Ericsson (1803-1889) More»

Swedish Roots, Oregon Lives: An Oral History Project

Our friends in Oregon had a busy year in 2013, creating a treasure trove for researchers of immigrant life in the Northwest. More»

Vasa comes to surface

The location, salvage and placement of the Regal Warship Vasa (or Wasa) has been a front page item since its first mention. More»

Memories by a centenarian

Have you ever looked into the eyes of or listened to a 100-year-old person? A centenarian Swedish immigrant shares her memories of a long and wonderful life. More»

Swedish Emigration to the United States

A variety of factors in Sweden led to the beginning of mass emigration in the 19th century. More»

The Living History of Bishop Hill

..hands-on reminder of the hardships, the communal efforts and the determination of the early Swedish immigrants. More»

Ryssby Historical Church, Colorado

Early Swedish settlers in the Mountain States created traditions and institutions that prevailed over time. More»

Where are the descendants of Bror and Hjalmar Johnsson?


Christmas among early pioneers

The early Swedish pioneers in North Dakota found ways to celebrate Christmas the traditional way. More»


Hunt for your Swedish roots

My great-grandfather, Charles Johnson, emigrated from Sweden. How do I find out where in Sweden he came from and more about his family? More»

Hunting Your Swedish Roots

Searching for Clues in Public Records in both Sweden and the United States. More»

Clues in the Swedish Census Records

Hunting Your Swedish Roots – Searching for Clues in the Swedish Census Records More»

More emigrants than in the 19th century

Who would have thought... more people emigrated from Sweden last year than during the 19th century peak years. More»