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Swedish News:

High speed travel to and from Stockholm in an underground pod. Taxi drivers speak your language in Stockholm.


Nordic hyperloop could offer high speed travel
Hyperloop One, an LA-based startup, released a study early in July saying it's feasible to build a high speed connection — creating one of the world’s longest marine tunnels — between Stockholm and Helsinki. Zooming through the 300 miles in vacuum tubes is not only possible, but also affordable, according to FS Links Ab, which is based on the Åland islands, which lie on a proposed route between Sweden and Finland. Normally a 3-hour flight or overnight ferry ride, the high speed hyperloop could take just 28 minutes. The price of building it would be just 19 billion euros ($21 billion) — that’s $16 million per kilometer less than a comparable high-speed rail project. A hyperloop between Sweden and Finland would take up to 12 years to complete, and would include both tubes traveling on raised pylons and under the Baltic Sea.

Taxi translators speak your language
As taxi companies around the world are forced to compete with Uber, the competition is felt especially in Sweden, where even among strict regulations, Stockholm became the fastest growing market for Uber in the world. But it’s forcing the competition to up its game, and now Taxi Stockholm is offering service in 28 languages. In 2014, Taxi Stockholm tried offering therapy sessions during taxi rides, and now “taxi translators” uses the cultural diversity within its organization to help tourists get drivers who speak their native languages. It is available online and at hotels that collaborate with the company. This may make the thriving tourist destination the only city in the world where one can order a taxi in Chinese, French, Spanish, German or Russian outside the countries where these languages are actually spoken.


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