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Arets Julklapp 2018

The year's Christmas gift 2018 reflects increasing concerns about climate and the environment and may just redefine regifting.

This year's Christmas gift (Årets Julklapp) reflects the interests of Swedish consumers for new sustainable alternatives and increasing concerns about climate and the environment. It is: the recycled garment.
"This year's Christmas gift illustrates how sustainability goes from being a trend that some consumers and businesses picked up to become more and more of a hygiene factor," says Jonas Arnberg, CEO of HUI Research.
HUI Research announced on Nov. 20 the 31st consecutive Årets julklapp 2018, this Year’s Christmas Gift. In order to receive this distinction, a product must be a reflection of current social trends and consumer behavior among Swedes by fulfilling the following criteria: the product should be a novelty or have gained a new interest during the year; the product must represent the time we live in; and the product should account for a high sales value or sold in a large numbers.
We live at a time when consumers want to shop more sustainably and retail deals with new options. The recycled garment, made in whole or in part of recycled material or second hand, meets all three criteria for this year's Christmas gift and hooks into three of today's strongest mega trends - circular economy, reflections on climate change and the rapid technological innovation pace.
After a very dry summer, four out of 10 Swedes became even more concerned about climate change; almost half the population felt some concern or anxiety associated with it and it became a very important issue for voters in the Swedish general election this fall. Six out of 10 consumers state that in 2017 they spent more money on eco-labeled or ethically labeled goods than one year earlier. The forecast for the month of December's total retail sales in 2018 is a turnover of 79.7 billion, an increase of 3 percent over December 2017.


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