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xoxosweden.com / News / Traditions

Tomasdagen, Tomas Day, Dec. 21.

Christmas stalks, market day and beer: In the old days Tomas Day, December 21, was an important way station. More»

Swedish Lucia, the Queen of Light

The Lucia celebration is something that Swedes themselves, and also the rest of the world consider as the most typical Swedish tradition. More»


The first Sunday of Advent is just as important as Lucia in Sweden. Advent - the four weeks leading up to Christmas. More»

Season of Light

The Season of Advent - almost as important as Lucia in Sweden is the season of Advent, the four weeks leading up to Christmas. More»

Glad Första Advent - Happy First of Advent!

Second only to Sankta Lucia, after Christmas itself, is the time spent in preparation for this important holiday season - during what's known as Advent. More»

The American Thanksgiving

Our 146th Thanksgiving in the U.S. For our readers outside the U.S., here’s a brief history of the American Thanksgiving: More»

September... fall season kickoff

Summer isn't over but 'Glad arbetsdag' - Happy Labor Day weekend to one and all! More»

Swedish traditions: 'Kraftskivan' - your own crayfish party

Crayfish, crawfish, in Swedish simply kraftor [kr'ef:tor] Checklist, how to create your own. More»

'Kraftskivan' - An Ode to the Crayfish

Foreign tourists visiting in August say that crayfish parties are the closest a Swede gets to really letting loose. Nowhere is the crayfish so ardently worshipped as in Sweden and August and September offer opportunities to sample the delicacy in the U.S.. More»

Midsummer 101

A Swedish midsummer is "endless" summer with sun, fun, great food, flowers, dancing and joy ... a piece of Swedish culture to be proud of. More»

A Swedish Midsummer!

'Svensk Midsommar' - the traditions, the table and a selection of the most popular recipes. More»

Sveriges Nationaldagsfirande 2018

While the U.S. celebrates Sweden's National Day on a weekend close to June 6, Swedes celebrate the nation's National Day on June 6 itself, the date Gustav Vasa was elected king (in 1523) which laid the foundation of Sweden as an independent state. More»

Ascension Day - Kristi Himmelsfärds Dag

Many days off, usually followed by in-between-days when most people are off work and school, signify springtime in Sweden. More»

Walpurgis Night: Singing by firelight

Choral singing is a favorite pastime in Sweden, and now is when almost every singer in the country makes his voice heard. More»

Congratulations to HM King Carl XVI Gustaf

Celebrating 44 years and 223 days as the king of Sweden and a birthday, all in the same week. More»