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Walkabout Tour of Stockholm I

.. walk in the city of my youth: Leif Rosqvist goes for a walk through his old neighborhoods in the heart of Stockholm. More»

Allemansrätten - 'Everyman’s right'

There are certain things that are so Swedish, they could be symbols for the country. Not just traditional ornaments like a midsommarstång or a Lucia krona... More»

A Swedish summer's nuisances

Yes, there are some. Not many, far from deadly unless you're extremely unlucky but, alas there a few ... More»

Mountain Hiking in Sweden

- it’s for everybody not just for survivalists and hardcore connoisseurs. More»

'Gamla Stan?'

Stockholm's Old Town — how and when it got its name More»

Gamla Stan: The Cultural Heart of Stockholm

... island in the middle of Stockholm and no doubt the city's cultural core. More»

Hiking trails in Sweden

Some are 4 or 5 hours away by car, others accessible from any of the major cities by night train or an hour and a half by air. More»

Meandering The 'Gota Kanal'

The Gota Canal, or The Blue Ribbon as it is often called, takes its voyagers past castles, monasteries, palaces, medieval churches, and a number of picturesque towns. More»

Early spring in Sweden?

A first sighted: Every spring, thousands of cranes pass through Lake Hornborga for a final stop along their migratory route, making it the home of one of the largest bird gatherings in the world. More»

'Tomteland' - Santa's Winterland in Dalarna

If you ask the locals, Santa Claus lives in Mora and nowhere else..? More»

Santa at rest

After months of searching we were finally able to locate one of (?) Tomten's - Santa Claus's second homes ... More»

A herd of wild horses

Leave it to some proud Swedish Americans to create the world's largest (and probably only) herd of wild Dala horses. Come find them during Svensk Hyllningsfest, October 13-14, 2017 More»

Summer travel itinerary: Gotland

The Swedish island qualified for a second place in Lonely Planet's list of places in Europe worth a visit. More»

Visit the royal palaces this summer

The countryside around Lake Malaren is the site of 10 royal buildings that are open to the public during the summer. More»

Mosebacke Torg and the Mosebacke Monarki

A walkabout in Stockholm south hills, about culture, art, humor and romance. More»