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For the love of tulips

And in some countries a declaration of love. More»

Allemansrätten - 'Everyman’s right'

There are certain things that are so Swedish, they could be symbols for the country. Not just traditional ornaments like a midsommarstång or a Lucia krona... More»

July 31 in Swedish History

The anti-Nazi song 'The Infamous Horse from Troy' by Karl Gerhard premieres at the Folkan Theater in Stockholm. The song was soon to be prohibited by the Swedish government. More»

Father's Day in Sweden

The second Sunday of November is Fars dag (Father's Day) in Sweden, this year on this coming Sunday, Nov. 11. More»

March 12 in Swedish History

1932: Engineer, financier, entrepreneur, and industrialist Ivar Kreuger is found dead in Paris. More»

March 7 in Swedish History

The von Sydow murders; at the time, in 1933, one of the most gruesome crimes in Swedish 20th century history. More»

February 10 in Swedish History

The possibly only person in history to die from eating too many of the popular semla dies on this date. More»

February 6 in Swedish History

'Bondetåget,' in response to the decision to slow down Sweden's armament, 30,000 Swedish farmers demonstrated in Stockholm. More»

God Jul - Hyvaa Joulua - Gledelig Jol

Jultomten (Swedish) - Santa Claus (English) - Julemanden (Danish) - Joulupukki (Finnish) - Jólasveinn (Icelandic) - Julenissen (Norwegian). Christmas is and was for a long time one of the most important holidays of the year in all of Scandinavia. More»

November 20 In Swedish History

1700: The Swedes defeat the Russians at the Battle of Narva, a victory memorialized through a new monument as late as in the year 2000. More»

November 11 in Swedish History

Wedding bells are ringing at Kalmar Castle. More»

October 30 in Swedish History

Orphei Drangar is founded in Uppsala during a cholera epidemic in the mid nineteenth century. More»

October 27 in Swedish History

Soviet submarine S-363 becomes 'Whiskey on the rocks' More»

November 19 In Swedish History

Sweden becomes a member of the United Nations in 1946. More»

October 15 In Swedish History:

Annika Sörenstam wins her fist LPGA title in 1995 a year after being Rookie of the Year. More»