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What makes you Swedish? » 2018 explosion model N factory v8 version Rolex Submariner series 116610LN-97200 Blackwater ghost men's mechanical watch upgraded version. - $950.00 :



2018 explosion model N factory v8 version Rolex Submariner series 116610LN-97200 Blackwater ghost men's mechanical watch upgraded version. - $950.00 : replica watches, bestswisswatches.com.cn

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N Factory Rolex Daytona v6s version 116500LN-78590 Style: 4130 automatic mechanical movement, 40 mm diameter, men,$979.00  $930.00Save: 5% off
N Factory v8s version of Rolex Green Ghost (Submariner series 116610LV Green Ghost) men's mechanical watch$1,154.00  $968.00Save: 16% off
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2018 explosion model N factory v8 version Rolex Submariner series 116610LN-97200 Blackwater ghost men's mechanical watch upgraded version.

Rolex Water Ghost

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2018 explosion model N factory v8 version Rolex Submariner series 116610LN-97200 Blackwater ghost men's mechanical watch upgraded version.






$980.00  $950.00Save: 3% off

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"Wall crack recommendation" N factory V8 version, the highest quality Rolex Rollx submarine submarine diver series 116610LN-97200 blackwater ghost v8 version 316 steel top cargo, customers can customize the original Swiss 2836 automatic mechanical movement, sapphire mirror, 316
Solid steel, pure water knife cutting, wire treatment, ring mouth platinum powder scale, original insurance buckle, the inside of the buckle polishing corrosion process steel printing! Ice blue super bright night light, 40 mm diameter super waterproof.Basic information
N factory
2836, 3135
(Watch Model)
(Watch Series)
Submarine series Blackwater Ghost
(Movement Type)
Automatic mechanical
(Group of people)
Men's watches.
Appearance material
(Watch Diameter)
40 mm
(Watch thickness)
(Shell material)
316 steel, 904 steel
(Mirror material)
Sapphire crystal glass
(Strap material)
316 steel, 904 steel
(Deductible type)
Fold the.
(Water resistance)
Ultra-strong waterproof.
The following wrist time Xiaolin wrote a review of the N factory v8blackwater ghost watch;
About Rolex Water Ghost, there are too many reviews on the Internet, of course, the most said are N factory water ghost. There are 7 versions and customized version of the introduction, has now done the V8 version, a variety of introductions, Xiaolin only from their own see the income, to the N factory Rolex V8 water ghost as an example, for everyone to say that the launch of the V8 version of Rolex water ghost how? What are the differences with the V7 version?.
Prior to this, the AR factory version of the main 904 steel to make its sales increased significantly, the current N factory V8 water ghost is also using 904 steel, strap and head connection has a 904L logo, 904 steel wear resistance than 316 steel much better, in addition to the texture has been upgraded a grade! With the V7 version than the biggest difference is only steel is different, the appearance of weight are the same, like 904 steel corrosion-resistant friends can start. N factory in order to distinguish between 316 steel and 904 steel, specially designed 904 version of the bracelet packaging film printed 904 since the distinction. As far as steel is concerned, from the appearance really look good two materials what is different! Compared to the V7 version, there are generally the following changes:.
From the outer ring font point of view, the V8 version of the green water ghost dark, font with grainy, not as smooth as the V7 version of the font, font printing has particles, not so smooth..
From the outer ring of the dial, it is the dial edge scale 904L version is clearly embedded in the bed ring, and the 316L version of the water ghost is the scale and inner ring or a little gap. This is a big BUG, the real thing is a little bit of a gap. And the V7 version font is obviously a little gray, the edge of the font is not very smooth. Instead, the 904 looks much more comfortable! Take a few more pictures of what we're comparing..
From the disk surface, the point of the axis in the 904 second hand is just a dent, not hollow. The V7 version, on the other beth, is completely empty..
In the small word English below SUBMARINER, you can see that the 904L is a little fuller and relatively white. The 316L version of The Water Ghost is a little lighter. THE ROLEX font comparison is also a little ergy in the 904L version..
From the outer ring embedding degree, the 904L version is obviously embedded in the bed ring, and the 316L version of the water ghost is the scale with the inner ring or there is a little gap, see the following figure arrow. This is a big BUG, the real thing is a little bit of a gap. This is not the case in another 904L blackwater ghost..
In terms of overall weight, due to the different steel used, although the density of 904L steel than 316L steel, but in terms of weight is not much difference, there is no significant difference in the hands..
Judging from the effect of the night light, the 904 version of the night light significantly improved a lot, and lasted longer..
Summary: Rolex Water Ghost has been the world of N factory, years of experience and technological progress has given fans enough surprise. With the challenges brought by AR and VR plants, N factory is also making continuous progress to adapt to the changes of the times, this upgrade can be said to be on the way forward further, V8 water ghost is good enough!

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