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Swedish News:

Just four months left in the great exchange. Paying for the bus with credit.


Just four months left in the great exchange
As of March 1 there’s a push for Swedes to empty their banks and wallets of certain banknotes. It won’t be long before the 20 and 50 krona banknotes are outdated: They will be invalid at the end of June. In October 2015 the great exchange of notes and coins began circulating the new 20- 50- and 1,000 krona banknotes, released to the public from the Riksbank. New 100- and 500-krona banknotes, as well as new coins will be released in October of this year. Some coins will remain the same, some will get a new look. The coins and the old 100- and 500-krona banknotes will remain valid until the end of June 2017.

Paying for the bus with credit
It will be possible to pay for a ride on the bus with a credit card, but it will cost extra, according to a March 1 announcement in southern Sweden. The new "board fee" will be introduced April 3. It will cost 32 crowns ($3.71) to ride the bus in Malmö, Lund and Helsingborg for those who pay by card — that’s 10 crowns more for adults; children’s tickets will cost five crowns more than the regular price when paid for with credit on board a bus. It costs nothing extra to buy tickets with credit in a vending machine or via the app. Of course purchasing tickets ahead of time greatly reduces queues and keeps busses on their timetables.


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