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Self-driving Volvos in Pittsburgh

The online-based transportation network Uber will be launching autonomous rides in Pittsburgh later this month.

Customers in downtown Pittsburgh will be able to summon self-driving cars from Uber already at the end of August. The online-based transportation network will be beating Google to the first regular use of autonomous rides by introducing a handful of modified of – what else? – Volvo XC90 SUVs. The XC90s will be supervised by humans in the driver’s seat to begin with but have been outfitted with sensors using cameras, lasers, radar and GPS receivers to make them autonomous. Volvo is expected to deliver 100 modified SUVs to Uber by the end of the year.
Read the story on Bloomberg here: Uber’s first self-driving fleet arrives in Pittsburgh this month

Check out the new Volvo XC90 here: www.volvocars.com/us/cars/new-models/xc90


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