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xoxosweden.com / News / Health & Fitness

Have Swedes found cure for Mers?

Scientists in Göteborg have found a substance that can stop the dreaded Mers virus. More»

Is it or isn't it?

Red wine .. is it good or bad for you? American and Swedish scientists couldn't disagree more More»

'Vision Zero for New York City'

NYC's De Blasio follows the Swedish example in putting safety and human lives first. More»

Swedes have low confidence in

... profit making social services, healthcare, education and the Royal House. More»

Walpurgis and alcohol


'Aah, yeah, hmm, well'

Hardly noticeable, sometimes irritating but nevertheless .. important to your speech. More»

Young people experience online hate

One in every three young in Sweden between the ages 16-25 have experienced hate crimes online. More»

A Swede works out

At least when compared to the rest of Europe. More»

The importance of scents

Our noses may be the most important body part when it comes to evoking spring feelings. More»

Swedish News:

More naked bodies, please. More»

Reduced hearing may make you less extroverted

Older people are less extroverted not just due to old age but bad hearing according to research at Göteborg University. More»

Swedes and the work environment

Stress, physical work environment, variety and challenges and cleanliness.. More»

Appointments for men, advice for women

While men calling doctors about a sick child get medical appointments, women get mostly advice. More»

Salt worse than additives

Lives can be saved by reducing the amount of salt in our food, according to Swedish and Danish researchers. More»

Vaccine against allergy?

One of the most common health problems in the world may be corrected through a boost to the immune system. More»