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Swedish News:

More naked bodies, please. More»

Reduced hearing may make you less extroverted

Older people are less extroverted not just due to old age but bad hearing according to research at Göteborg University. More»

Appointments for men, advice for women

While men calling doctors about a sick child get medical appointments, women get mostly advice. More»

Salt worse than additives

Lives can be saved by reducing the amount of salt in our food, according to Swedish and Danish researchers. More»

Vaccine against allergy?

One of the most common health problems in the world may be corrected through a boost to the immune system. More»

'Snus' targeting the U.S. market

In reality far from a newcomer on, or rather under, lips in America; Swedish style snus More»

First Saturday of February every year

Swedish National Day of Running More»

Exercising in 2014

Shorter and more intense, according to Swedish experts.. More»

More needs rejected

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency, Försäkringskassan, has sharpened regulations for assistance. More»

'Mediterranean breakfast'

A new Swedish study shows just a cup of coffee for breakfast may not be so bad after all, even good for some. More»

Christmas gift of the year in Sweden

Heathy for sure but as much fun as a subscription to Nordstjernan? Not likely.. More»

Serious about being happy

Researchers look for the 'happiness factor' rather than focus on why we're feeling low or suffer a depression. More»

The overweight Swede

The so often exercising Swede is also gaining weight.. More»

Remember what you read

Read better by taking breaks and letting your brain have some time to process what you just read. More»

Best country in the world to grow old?

You guessed it, the best place in the world to age is Sweden. More»