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xoxosweden.com / News / Health & Fitness

Next big thing:

A helmet to combat depression More»

Increasing safety with technology

Swedish students develop an emergency broadcast system that could save more lives. More»

A blood test could reveal your biological age

You may not be as old as you think. On the other hand, you could be older than you thought. More»

Swedish News:

A Swedish study links height to cancer. More countries follow suit after Sweden's success. More»

Two proposals increase ages for free healthcare

The Swedish government plans to introduce free glasses and free dental care to new age groups. More»

Researchers link pollution and dementia

Researchers in Sweden have uncovered a direct link between polluted air and dementia. More»

Students test light therapy

..and are becoming happier and have more energy in an area with less than one hour of sunlight in the winter. More»

Swedes are having big babies

Swedish media reported a new diet trend among mothers in Norway to birth smaller babies. Sweden is experiencing the opposite trend and birthing bigger babies. More»

Reinventing the Game of Golf in Sweden

A Swedish entrepreneur responds to an industry crisis: Balancing environmental, economic and lifestyle issues in the golf industry. More»

Poisoned Swedish fish

Sweden's most common freshwater fish may be getting too high levels of certain chemicals. More»

Too much meat

Substitute meat with beans, peas and vegetables say new guidelines from the National Food Agency of Sweden. More»

Cailin brings Hip Hop Yoga to Varberg

'Inside we are all Golden Buddhas, but we grew to believe we were made of clay. Our ego's false perceptions led us to grow into a belief system that covered our inner light.' Why not reconnect with your Golden Buddha within through Hip Hop Yoga on the west coast of Sweden, with Jersey gal Cailin Callahan? More»


Have Swedes found cure for Mers?

Scientists in Göteborg have found a substance that can stop the dreaded Mers virus. More»

Is it or isn't it?

Red wine .. is it good or bad for you? American and Swedish scientists couldn't disagree more More»

'Vision Zero for New York City'

NYC's De Blasio follows the Swedish example in putting safety and human lives first. More»