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xoxosweden.com / News / Design

A closer look at Swedish fashion

A few years ago we wrote 'America: Say hello to Nordic Fashion.' Now some people can't seem to get enough of it. More»

Dressing Swedish opens in Chicago

Exploring the relationship between Swedish fashion and traditional Swedish folk costumes. More»

Saved by a sorcerer?

A cooperation with Hollywood may be breathing new life into an independent glass producer in Sweden. More»

Gilding lace for permanence...

..and beauty! The Gilded Lace Collection will be available at San Francisco's Gallery of Jewels on Union Square in Nov. 2013. More»

Designer exhibition now in Philly

'The Enduring Designs of Josef Frank' makes its last stop at the Museum in Philadelphia. More»

'Fashion at the Strand'

The Strand bookstore in New York, that is. More»

Swedish buildings at World Architecture Festival


Princess Madeleine picks Valentino

and decides to keep her earlier name, not adding O'Neill. More»

Swedes rather eat out or travel

than buy stuff. Food, sports and travel are what people in Sweden are spending on. More»

H&M celebrated for 'normal' model

The American model thought to have a 'normal human body', is size 12 (42 in Europe). More»

Swedish mannequin celebrated worldwide

"..we have mannequins of all sizes, because our customers come in different sizes." More»

Looking for a couch?

Depending on how you look at it, here's one, used, that may be considered one of a kind. More»

Sweden's most beautiful 'villa'

Quite a bit of 'snickarglädje' (Carpenter's euphoria..) has gone into this late 19th century house in Dalarna. More»

Gudrun Sjodén opens in New York

The Swedish multi talented designer opens her first store in New York. More»

The 'SAAB Spirit lives on'

..until March 17 at the Simeone Automotive Museum. More»