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xoxosweden.com / News / Design

Luxury and sustainability in fashion

Innovative design starts with fashion research at Stockholm University. More»

September 30 in Swedish History

The Stockholm Opera house - The Gustavian Opera House - was inaugurated on this day in 1782. More»

Kurbits painters have more fun

The iconic, floral painting that grew out of a folk tradition more than one hundred years before the Swedish immigrants brought it to the U.S., has its own distinct style still in use today. More»

Huck weaving: An old tradition makes a comeback

After a chance discovery, we found out that a lot of people know this craft and remember it fondly. Others - native Swedes among them - never heard of it, so we did a little research on why it's remained a well-kept secret among its admirers. More»

Swedish News:

Innovation: Swedish retailer plans for mushroom-based packaging; McView-Master gets launched in Sweden during sportlov. More»

The Apple of her Eye

Swedish designer in the Big Apple on creative assignment with Apple Studios ... London based and Beatles - not computer - related. More»

The Childhood Flower

Exclusively for the 2015 ThankYou award of the World Childhood Foundation. More»

IKEA and furniture safety

Product liability and corporate social responsibility in the U.S. More»

H&M gets props for Muslim model

The newest campaign by Swedish fashion giant receives acclaim and respect for message and models. More»

Big Mac fashion

Fashion statement? Maybe. Definitely not your typical fare for an outdoors expedition. More»

Swedish literary resources rank No. 1

Topping the charts: A bedtime story written by a Swede and a new library in Stockholm are getting noticed around the world. More»

Pittsburgh's Nationality Rooms

The Cathedral of Learning of University of Pittsburgh is home to 29 ethnic inspired chambers. More»

Nordic products in Philadelphia

A new Scandinavian store with everything from art glass and quality textiles to candy recently opened outside Philadelphia. More»

Then Now, Tomorrow: Art and Design

The values of Swedish design withstand a century of change, still expressing sensibilities for simplicity, practicality and beauty. More»

The new (type)face of Sweden

Not many countries have a national typeface, but not surprisingly Sweden now does. More»